Being an effective leader requires you to lead yourself in excellence.




Understanding your unique call to lead and becoming more healthily equipped to walk it out. Being an effective leader requires you to lead yourself in excellence. Propelling you into the NEXT phase of your life- by utilizing what HAS BEEN as a fulcrum to where you are going. Learn to effectively invite people into your desired outcomes and why that matters. Clarity.


Cheryl Pruitt

Attended Leadership 300

Next Level is hard to put into words that are not overused, cliched and just downright hard to believe. However, some such as life-changing, eye-opening, and once in a lifetime apply. I attended Next Level Experience in February 2019 with about 30 other McIntyre-neophytes. It didn’t take long before we were McIntyre-wanna-be’s! While NLE gave me some candid and hard-hitting feedback, which I chewed on for months, when Leadership 300 opened up, I couldn’t wait to be with Michael and Stacye again for more! After knowing them for nearly a year at that time, Leadership 300 was much easier experience to get right into vulnerability, putting it all out there and opening my heart quickly. In one exercise, my partner was able to put my big picture vision into words, words that I had not even spoken out loud. It was just too big to try to verbalize, but my partner saw it so clearly and challenged me with it. That was the shift I internalized and bought into with Michael and Stacye that weekend.

Amanda Tyrrell

Attended Leadership 300

“Leadership 300 (L300) like Next Level Experience (NLE), when announced, was a must attend for me. You see, NLE weekend was so revolutionary for me that I knew L300 would not disappoint!The McIntyre’s are so amazing and give 100% with excellence in everything they do! I knew I was being called to step out in faith and simply trust the process. What God began during my NLE weekend, He brought full circle and elevated me, yet again, to another level.L300 is essential for anyone that is hungry and wanting to continue to advance their journey. The opportunity is individually unique and meant to be experienced! What are you waiting for?”

Amanda Penwarden

Attended Leadership 300

“If Next Level is the cake, Leadership 300 is the icing on the cake. Going through L300 honed specific things the Lord had been walking me through after Next Level. There were many sweet moments of edification in my group. While I thought I really knew what I wanted, it was refreshing to finally communicate the desire deep within my heart to walk with Jesus everyday and to live in a tiny home filled with intimate love, creativity and messes.I still read this dream out loud to myself every morning. If you grew in NLE, you’ll savor L300. Just go! Unlock the dreams God has put within you.”

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